Avni finally claims her rights in Naamkarann


Aman tries to kill Neil. He proceeds to hit him brutally. Avni reaches there and spots Neil. Aman leaves Neil and starts showing concern. Gurumaa promises Dayavanti that Avni will suffer badly, just the way she wants. They get the news of Neil’s injury. Neil’s family get a huge shock seeing the news. Bebe gives strength to the family. She asks them to have hope, nothing happened to Neil. Avni and Neela worry checking Neil’s slow pulse. Avni prays for Neil’s life. Aman informs Dayavanti that Avni is with Neil, but he will not leave Neil alone. Neela gets doubtful about Aman.

Aman attacks Neil to kill him. Avni and Neela get a shock seeing Neil’s blood shed. Shweta and Prakash reach the spot with Bebe. Shweta blames Avni to be responsible for Neil’s state. Avni takes him to the hospital with much difficulty. Avni gets worried seeing Neil’s state and feels she is really unlucky. Neela consoles Avni. Avni tries making everyone away from her. Neela slaps her. She asks Avni to prove that her love is true for Neil and do her duties towards Neil. She asks Avni to go and fulfill her responsibilities. Everyone gets worried knowing Neil’s critical state. Shweta orders Avni to leave. Avni takes a stand for herself. She asks Shweta not to call her relation illegitimate, none can snatch her rights. Neela tells Shweta that just Avni can get Neil back to life. She tells Bebe and Shweta how she got Avni in her life, Avni will become Neil’s support and save his life. Dayavanti gets angry knowing Neil is still alive. She plans to come out in open and murder Neil.


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