Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3: Advay and Chandni’s marriage


Pratham wants to marry Chandni. Chandni agrees for marriage, seeing the money lenders troubling Indrani. Pratham tells Chandni that he will clear all the loans, only if she marries him. Chandni sees a hope in Pratham. Pratham gets a mangalsutra for Chandni. Advay comes in between them and snatches the Mangalsutra from Pratham. Advay locks everyone at home and declares that he will marry Chandni. She tells him that he does not know how important is this marriage for Indrani. Advay tells her that she does not know how important she is for him. Chandni is angry on Advay for his bad behavior.

Advay does all the haldi preparations and makes everyone helpless to come in the haldi function. Even Chandni gets compelled to come there. Advay is forcing his love on Chandni. Advay takes the haldi plate and goes to Chandni to apply her haldi of his name. Chandni angrily throws the haldi plate. The haldi falls over Advay. Advay gets angry. Advay asks Chandni how can she justify her behavior.

She asks him why does he want to marry her. She loves Dev and does not want to marry him. Chandni does not know Advay is her Dev. Advay keeps his demand that he will marry Chandni and only then Vashisht family can get free. Advay has clear motives of revenge. He is very focussed to marry Chandni. Pratham’s mum taunts Indrani for not knowing about Chandni and Advay’s affair. She blames Indrani for all this. Vashisht family’s poor financial condition make Chandni helpless to marry Pratham, but Advay doesn’t let this happen. Indrani and Pratham emotionally blackmail Chandni into refusing Advay for marriage. What will Advay do now? Keep reading.


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