Ishita takes a big risk in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok tries to kidnap Shagun and marry her. The man admits Ashok’s plan to everyone. Ashok fails to take Shagun with him. The family catches Ashok red handed. They find Shagun tied up and free her. Mr. Bhalla slaps Ashok and teaches him a lesson. Simmi comes to surprise the family and learns the ongoing matter. Simmi beats up Ashok. Ashok flees from the place. Everyone leaves from home to meet Raman and Ishita, and help them in getting evidence. Raman realizes he has seen the killer in Ishita’s clinic before. Raman and Adi try to nab the culprit. Ishita tries getting the evidence from Dahi handi. She announces the common people will break the handi this time. She tells Raman that they will break the handi. Raman supports Ishita in her decision. The killer takes a new disguise and hides from everyone.

Adi fears for Ishita’s life, as the killer can be anyone in the crowd. He asks Ruhi to be alert and cover up Ishita. Raman and Ishita try getting the evidence from the dahi handi. The family reaches them. Everyone supports Ishita. The killer attempts to take Ishita’s life. Ishita falls in big trouble.


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