Prem to settle Tejaswini’s scores in Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi


Tejaswini tells Prem that he can’t force his decisions on her. She says we are not us, we are you and me. Prem tells her that they are really us, if she did not wish to marry him, why did she love her. He confesses her love to Tejaswini. Prem’s love turns into craze. Prem got to know Tejaswini has a huge loan. Prem will be helping her. Prem has realized love for Tejaswini. He is ready to do anything for his love. Prem gets all her troubles on his head.

He decides to repay the loans. Tejaswini has to deposit her college fees. Prem pays her fees. He does not want Tejaswini to worry. He sorts out everything as he loves her a lot. Tejaswini doesn’t know that Prem is aware of her problems. She learns that Prem has paid her debts. She doubts how he got the money so soon. Prem’s help pleases Tejaswini’s family, who come to the college to meet them. Prem has kept his love. Tejaswini has much self esteem, and does not want Prem’s help.


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