Riya frames Ali into wrong doings in Naamkarann


Neil gets protected by Avni. Gurumaa does the arrangements to give freedom to Dayavanti. Aman sees the benefits Dayavanti is getting in jail. Gurumaa asks Dayavanti to come back soon. Dayavanti sets out on a mission to kill Neil and ruin Avni’s happiness. Avni tells Neil that he has to come back to life for her sake. Avni talks to Neil to bring him to senses. She apologizes to him and promises to not fight with him again. Neil does not react. Avni gets depressed. She asks him to come back to her. She realizes Neil’s importance in her life. Neela consoles Avni. Ali gets upset with Riya, who acts of friendship.

Bebe and Shweta refuse to go home. They want to stay in hospital and be with Neil. Dayavanti takes disguise and comes there with Aman. Riya reminds Ali all the things he has done for Avni to get her. Ali accepts that he loves Avni and he has done everything to get her love. Avni gets to hear Ali’s confession, which stuns her. Neela suspects Dayavanti is in the hospital. Riya frames Ali in bad light. Riya sees Avni and blames Ali for the things he didn’t do. Avni doesn’t believe Ali. She gets heartbroken knowing Ali’s doings. Dayavanti goes to murder Neil to put the blame on Ali.


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