TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Beyhadh: Maya landed in jail. She gets scolded by a strict jailer. Maya shows attitude. On the other hand, Arjun is kidnapped by someone. He asks the kidnapper to come out. Arjun gets angry and shouts. The goons comes there and hit Arjun to faint him. Everyone gets worried for Arjun. They are trying to find Arjun. They all doubt on Maya, but they wonder where did Arjun go, who is the new enemy targeting him. Maya’s Beyhadh aggression will be seen.


Avni, Ali and DD try to reach the hospital. The ward boy gives them the liver in the freezer box. Avni and Ali take the liver and leave. The car tyres get punctured on the way. Aman does this to create a hurdle in their attempt. Avni asks people to give them lift, they need a car, her husband’s life can get saved if anyone helps them. Avni cries and requests people. Avni goes out to find help from people. Neil needs a liver transplant urgently. Avni gets worried. DD comes and tells them that he arranged a car for going to hospital. They all rush to the hospital to give the liver to the doctor. Neil’s surgery begins, while Aman and Dayavanti try hard to kill Neil.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Ved sees Uma breaking Kanak’s fast against her wish. Ved gets Uma arrested and decides to punish him for his mistake. Kanak realizes Uma was not wrong, he did not cheat Bhabho by snatching the job. She has misunderstood Uma for the crime which he did not do. Kanak realizes Uma has always kept the relation with heart. Kanak starts feeling for Uma.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi:

Radhika plans to kill Astha. She asks Astha to put her feet in the water, which has little fishes. Radhika puts a poisonous fish in the water tub, and tries getting Astha bitten by it. Astha removes her feet from the water tub on time and gets saved.

Peshwa Bajirao:

There is a new storm in Kashi’s life. Kashi’s tears are not stopping by the deep sorrow. She is much annoyed with Baji. She has learnt about Baji and Mastani’s marriage. She gets shattered and cries out her pain. Radhabai is also in shock knowing about Baji’s step to break Kashi’s heart. Kashi loves Baji a lot and regards him her Lord and world. She can’t tolerate anyone else in Baji’s life.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:

Prem got to know Tejaswini has a huge loan. Prem will be helping her. Prem has realized love for Tejaswini. He is ready to do anything for his love. Prem gets all her troubles on his head. He decides to repay the loans. Tejaswini has to deposit her college fees. Prem pays her fees. He does not want Tejaswini to worry. He sorts out everything as he loves her a lot. Tejaswini doesn’t know that Prem is aware of her problems. She learns that Prem has paid her debts. She doubts how he got the money so soon. Prem’s help pleases Tejaswini’s family, who come to the college to meet them. Prem has kept his love. Tejaswini has much self esteem, and does not want Prem’s help.


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