Kusum Sundari fails in her new ploy in Devanshi


Kusum Sundari gets free from jail because of Vardaan. She comes back home. Kalki takes Devanshi to the temple forcibly. She asks her to pray and believe in Maiyya. Kusum Sundari comes there in the temple in a tensed state and shouts bomb. Devanshi does the darshan. She sees Kusum Sundari shouting madly. Vardaan and Pavan try to know the matter.

Devanshi thinks what new drama is Kusum Sundari upto. Kusum Sundari shows the bag and says this has the bomb inside. They all realize Kusum Sundari was saying true. Kusum Sundari wanted to keep bomb in Kalki’s bag and blame her, but she gets trapped in her own plan. Everyone finds the bomb in Kusum Sundari’s bag and blame her for everything bad happening. Kusum Sundari fails to blame Kalki and Devanshi. Devanshi takes Kusum Sundari out of the temple to prevent risk for everyone. She does not want Kusum Sundari to win again.


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