Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami brings a storm in Lal Mahal


Dada ji hurries up Avdhoot’s Pagdi rasam, so that the company and family get an heir soon. Satrupa’s absence is not counted by anyone. Baldev tries to find out where is Satrupa and why she left the house. Satrupa’s biggest secret is not known to the family. Guru ji also conceals the secret from Dada ji, so that Satrupa herself reveals it to everyone on right time. Satrupa uses her powers and blames Murari for kidnapping Anami. She manages to convince Anami to come with her. Anami pledges to break the Lal Mahal by her revenge.

She assures Murari that she will be back in a year time when she becomes legally capable to take her decisions on her own. Anami heads for Lal Mahal as a storm, having many bitter emotions within her heart. Satrupa returns home with Anami, while Avdhoot’s pagdi rasam is getting done. Satrupa introduces Anami as her daughter, and tells Dada ji that Anami is the right deserving person of the Pagdi and heir-ship. Anami comes up with an idea and tells them to stop fighting for the Pagdi. She asks them to burn the Pagdi and puts it in the havan kund. Anami stuns everyone.


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