Teni tries to unite Bhanushalis in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni’s pregnancy news broke out to everyone. Dada ji makes Parth, Shorvori and Teni leave the house. Their state is bad as they never expected this would happen. Teni says where will we go leaving the house, I have the heir of Bhanushali family, I will not give him birth staying in this Dharamshali, you decided you won’t see the face of the baby, Parth has made this big business, you all are enjoying in this big house because of Parth, better Dada ji should leave from here.

Kaki says Lord Ram left the palace on his elder’s saying, and here Parth is asking Dada ji to leave the house, this is really Kalyug. She asks Lord how much sorrow will he give them. Teni understands Kaki’s drama. Dada ji feels bad of Teni’s words. He says this girl wants me to leave from the house, and I can’t see any shame in Parth and Shorvori’s eyes, it will be really good if I leave from the house. Parth and Shorvori stay silent.

Later on, Teni takes a challenge to make a halwa better than Dadi. Teni does much drama. Parth signs her to see Dadi at the door. Teni doesn’t know cooking. Parth says you can’t win this challenge. Teni sounds confident and boasts of her culinary skills. Dadi gives the recipe and asks Teni to cook halwa and show if she can get her hand’s taste in the halwa. Teni gets the halwa recipe and tells Parth that she will make the halwa, managing to get close to Dadi. Will Teni’s reverse psychology plan to unite family work? Keep reading.


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