Filmi action and wedding sequence in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay invites Mika for the Sangeet. Everyone enjoys the Sangeet function. Indrani has plans to cancel Advay and Chandni’s marriage ceremony, and get Chandni married to Pratham. Advay asks Murli and Shilpa, his loyal aides to keep an eye on Indrani. Advay’s inspector-friend leaves for some urgent work. Advay asks Indrani to make Chandni ready for marriage. Indrani spikes his drink and makes him unconscious. Indrani tells Advay that Chandni’s marriage will happen, but with Pratham.

She asks Chandni to leave fast before Advay gets conscious. Advay tries to stop Chandni. Indrani hits Advay on his head, and succeeds to stop him. Chandni heads for the marriage only for Indrani’s sake. She feels like losing something behind. Advay reaches the venue far from home, where Indrani is getting Chandni and Pratham married. He shows everyone that he is unstoppable. He challenges everyone to stop him if they can. Pratham and Indrani order the men to stop Advay. Advay fights with them in a filmi heroic style, after Chandni’s heart melts for him. He manages to wed the bride despite numerous hurdles.


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