Imli conspires to kill Chakor in Udaan

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Chakor and Suraj spend some moments of romance. Imli got mistaken that Chakor has told Vivaan about her miscarriage. She is angry as Vivaan and she got separated because of Chakor. She pledges to take revenge from Chakor. She plans to punish Chakor and break her from Suraj. Imli turns psycho and believes whatever is seen. Thee doctor too lies to Imli about Chakor. Imli feels Chakor is jealous of her. Imli hurts Vivaan. Vivaan asks her to stop the madness, this won’t help her. Imli wants to show her hatred and revenge. Chakor gets emotional and talks to Suraj about her Bidaai, that would make her leave her parents’s house. Imli assumes Chakor spoiled her life. Vivaan tries his best to tell Imli that Chakor is not responsible for anything, she didn’t tell him about Imli’s miscarriage, he has learnt the truth himself by seeing some reports. Imli doesn’t believe him.

Imli knows Chakor is alone at home, as Kasturi and Bhuvan have gone out of home. Imli comes home to shoot Chakor. She finds Chakor and Suraj together. Chakor slips and falls over Suraj. Imli gets angry seeing their happiness. She doesn’t want to let Chakor celebrate happiness. She feels if Chakor told anything to Suraj, he would have asked her truth. She thinks to leave Chakor alive for a day, so that Suraj is not with her to help her. She gives some time to Chakor to live her life. Imli lays a dangerous plan to kill Chakor.


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