Kartik gets stunned by a surprising news in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH Shocking Kartik to race against time

Naira feels nausea and gets a doubt over her pregnancy. She gets into an argument with Kartik. Dadi blesses her to have a child soon, as she has decorated the cradle well. Naksh and Kirti decide to play Krishna Radha in Janmashtami. Naira sends Kirti home. Naksh and Kirti decorate the cradle for Kanha. They see the family hiding and keeping an eye on them. Naksh promises to keep Kirti happy. Naira really thinks she is pregnant. She gets confused. She tells Kartik that she is feeling dizzy, maybe by much work load.

Dadi’s talk makes Naira worried. She thinks to stay careful. Naira tries to talk to Kartik. Kartik doesn’t listen to her. He gets busy in work. Naira scolds him in front of everyone. She tries telling him about their child. Kartik doesn’t understand at first. Naira then clearly tells about her pregnancy doubt. Kartik gets in a shock. Kartik asks her to confirm everything and then reveal to family. Naira asks him to order a pregnancy test kit for her. Kartik orders the medical for her. They both fall in new problem when the family gets close to know their little secret.


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