Maya’s attempt to escape fails in Beyhadh


Jailer drags Maya and slaps her, on finding her escaping from the jail. Maya was trying to run from an ventilator window. Jailer tortures her for her crime. Jailer asks Maya not to act smart, there is no way she can escape from jail. Maya sheds tears. Jailer makes Maya wash the prisoner’s clothes. Maya shows attitude. Jailer asks constable to get lemon water for madam.

Maya agrees to jailer and washes the clothes. Jailer asks Maya to control her mind and sight, never think of running away. Maya tries to answer her. Jailer asks her not to do any drama. She increases Maya’s work and makes her helpless to do all the work. Maya is forced to obey jailer. Maya has troubled many people till now. Jailer tells everyone about Maya’s ego which is too high even when Maya’s life is ruined. Maya will soon escape and play a new game with Arjun.


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