Naren to misunderstand Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Naren comes to pray in temple. He was always against cheat and fraud. He does not want Pooja to cheat people. He wants to confront Lord about Pooja’s doings. Pooja comes after him and explains him that just praying against cheats is not enough, they have to do something without thinking of their ethics, like in bad times, they have to save someone than thinking what’s right and what’s wrong, she is doing this to save family.

She asks him not to just sit doing Tapasya, he has to do something on his own so that he can make things fine. She asks Naren to stop complaining. Naren sees Lord in Pooja. He doesn’t like Pooja’s plannings against Neelima and Rahul. Pooja tells him that she is right on her front, and he just needs to understand this than staying disturbed. Pooja respects Naren’s ethics and mindset, but knows that person has to react as per the situation. Naren was mistaken by hearing Neelima and Pooja’s conversation.


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