Shweta joins hands with Dayavanti in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni come to their new home. Avni doesn’t want to separate Neil from his family. Neil assures her that everything will be fine. Aman thinks Dayavanti will get VIP treatment in jail and comes to meet her. He faces Gurumaa’s wrath. Gurumaa tells him that she has punished Dayavanti and now none can meet him. Amol hears Gurumaa’s plans.

Neil and Avni settle in Neil’s personal flat. He explains her that he didn’t take any wrong decision. Avni asks Neil to rest at home. She cancels his work. Neil and Avni have a moment. Avni feels Shweta will never accept her, as she has made enough attempts. She thinks to keep trying else Neil can get hurt. Aman finds out about fingerprints report of the culprit. Aman attacks a cop to get the reports from him. Neil waits for the reports. Aman checks the reports. Neil gets the original report from the inspector. Bebe reminds Shweta that Neil has moved on in life with Avni, he was depressed after Juhi went. She asks Shweta to accept Avni, else she can lose Neil again. Avni worries seeing Neil’s wound. She does the aid. Shweta meets Dayavanti and joins hands with her, to plot against Avni.


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