Janmashtami celebrations lined in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira and Karti worry in their confusion over their pregnancy. Naksh gets to hear the ladies conversation at home. He gets hopeful that Kirti will bring happiness in everyone’s lives. Kartik asks Naira to confirm her pregnancy, before telling anyone else in the family. He orders a pregnancy test kit. Manish calls up Naitik to know about Dahi handi competition. He asks Naitik and Naksh to participate with them. He finds this a good chance to get close to Kartik. He asks Naitik not to laugh on his awkward request. He knows Kartik will agree if Naitik tells him. Naitik understands why Manish is making such efforts and assures him of getting Kartik in the competition.

Naksh wonders how to spend time with Kirti. He decides to keep her happy. Lav and Kush call up Naksh and ask him to confirm that he will never make Kirti cry, as Aditya used to do. Naksh promises them. He wonders how will he fulfill everyone’s expectations. Rajshri brings Naksh and Kirti together by her drama. She asks them to design their room by their wish and needs. Naksh and Kirti find each other’s presence better. Manish tells Kartik that he will participate in the Dahi handi competition. Kartik gets surprised by Manish’s decision.

Manish asks Dadi not to worry, as their team is really good, even Kartik will be there. Kartik and Naira receive the pregnancy test kit and make excuses in front of everyone. Naksh and Kirti get ready to play Radha Krishna in Janmashtami. Everyone thinks of bringing Kartik and Manish together. Yash tells Naksh that he has to try and make his relation with Kirti better. Naira does the test and gets the result to tell Kartik. Naira tells him that results are unclear, they have to meet doctor. Kartik asks her not to delay the checkup, else he will be surrounded by tension. Manish does workout to match up with Kartik’s fitness. Suwarna and Manish have an emotional moment. Kartik and Naira also dress up like Krishna and Radha. Kartik takes extra care of Naira, which makes Dadi doubt on them.


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