Shocking: Mani turns alive in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman takes care of Ishita. He makes her take good rest at home. Everyone is happy seeing Ishita fine and cheerful. Ishita gets bored of rest. Raman gets ready to entertain and even dance for Ishita. Ishita feels lucky that Raman is so caring. She shares her worry with him. Raman takes Ishita for a walk. A lady seeks help from Ishita. Raman helps the lady.

Aaliya and Shagun share a talk about Mani, his affair and death. Aaliya is sure that Mani can’t have any illegitimate relation. Shagun doubts that Mani was hiding something, as his behavior was unjustified. She feels they have to find answers for all the questions left by Mani’s death. Aaliya too wants to know if Ruhi said true about Mani. She tells Shagun that Mani loved her and would not cheat, maybe Mani was troubled by someone and he was dealing with things on his own. Aaliya wants to clear Mani’s name from the mess. Shagun asks Aaliya to focus on her married life.

Raman and Ishita get the lady home. Ruhi identifies her and tells everyone that she was with Mani. Shagun and Ishita demand an answer from the lady. The lady refuses. She tells everyone that she doesn’t know Mani. Ishita shows her Mani’s photo. The lady identifies him as someone else.

The lady complicates the matter. Shagun asks the lady to say truth. Raman and Ishita try solving the mystery. Raman feels they are missing few links. Raman guesses Mani and Prakash are identical people. Aaliya thinks if Mani got murdered, or if Prakash is murdered, Mani can be alive. They all assume things. Raman thinks to take help from police. Shagun and Ruhi tell inspector that Mani attacked them, which was not possible to expect from him, maybe Prakash attacked them at home. They all feel Mani is alive and he is missing. Ishita gets hopeful that Mani is really alive. Police offers them help in finding Mani.


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