Kukarma reveals her intentions in Devanshi


There will be many twists in Devanshi. Maya does havan to trouble Devanshi. Kalki ruins her puja. Maya gets angry and tells Devanshi that she won’t get saved next time. Maya has come to ruin everyone’s lives. Devanshi realizes the power of Maiyya. She comes to the temple and sits there. Kalki meets her. Devanshi tells Kalki that Maiyya loves her, but she couldn’t understand. Devanshi and Kalki do Maiyya’s aarti.

Pavan’s sister Maya calls Devanshi and tells them that she couldn’t send the cheque by govt. Devanshi gets shocked and thinks who is the woman staying as Maya with them. Maya comes there and tells Devanshi that she is Kukarmi Devi, who has come to ruin village. Kukarmi’s truth comes out. She asks Devanshi to help her, she can give her plenty of money. Devanshi gets angry and slaps her. Kukarmi challenges Devanshi to stop her.



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