Naren gets stubborn to side with his morals in Piya Albela


Mama ji is happy as Pooja’s believe on Naren turned true. She is sure Harish will get fine seeing Naren. Naren doesn’t get happy with Pooja’s doings. Naren unwillingly agrees to go home with home. Supriya waits for Naren to come home. Pooja’s plan to fool Neelima and get Naren freed from jail succeeds.

Rahul pities Pooja that Naren is not at home to do rituals of Dahi handi. Pooja wants Naren todo the rituals like always. Rahul jokes that Naren is in jail. Pooja gets Naren back home and gives an answer to Rahul. She tells him that Naren has returned home with respect, by getting freed of all blames.

Naren confronts Pooja and asks her to tell the entire truth to Neelima or else he will reveal everything. He asks Pooja not to follow the world’s wrong ethics. Pooja does not question his ethics. He tells her that definition of right and wrong will always remain the same for him.


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