Shweta fakes concern for Avni in Naamkarann


Neil leaves family and home, which upsets Shweta. Shweta fails to make Avni away from Neil. She meets Dayavanti in jail and seeks her help to separate them. Avni sets Neil’s house. Neil asks Avni to sleep on the bed, than the couch. He doesn’t want to spoil her comfort. Shweta recalls her bonding with Neil. Dayavanti asks her to use any past link that can work in favor of her, than Avni. Shweta thinks of Juhi, who can help her in separating Neil and Avni. Neil asks Avni to realize his feelings and gives her time for this task. Avni tries arranging a nurse for Neil’s care. She fails to arrange anyone. Neil gets troubled to have a bath on own. Avni helps him out.

Gurumaa tortures some women. She asks her man to kidnap someone. Gurumaa acts psychotic. Neil and Avni have a moment. Shweta visits them. She shows fake concern to Avni to show Neil. Neil doesn’t get affected. Shweta tries to convince Avni to come back home. She admits to Avni that she doesn’t like her, but she is ready to accept her for Neil’s sake. She asks Avni to forget old things and come back. Neil threatens Riya and asks her to stay away from Avni. Shweta gets Juhi back in their life.


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