Uma and Kanak’s ethical fight next in Tu Sooraj….


Uma and Kanak have an argument over tea. The drama is too funny, but Uma gets serious. Kanak argues with him and tells how important is tea for her. Uma tells her that its like alcohol for them. He gets angry and asks Paulmi to get the tea container. He is against any addiction. He asks Kanak to drink kada to have good digestion. He disposes tea powder. Kanak asks him how can he call tea as wine, she is habitual to drink tea and get rid of laziness and headache, its part of my day. She says I can’t do any work without having tea in morning. Uma says its Adharm to have tea, your habit is really bad, you have to stop this. Kanak tries to convince him. Uma asks her is tea so necessary for her that she can go against entire family. Uma doesn’t allow her to have tea.

Maasi also supports Uma. She tells Kanak that everyone in Ladno give example of their patience and Dharmic values. She asks Kanak to forget having tea. Kanak finds a solution and gets a book which is written by Uma himself. She explains them about alcoholic things, any addiction that changes a person’s right behavior, making person angry and makes him lose control. She says according to this book, you all have anger and habits, which is also like addiction. She makes Maasi and Uma speechless. Kanak does not want to break rules, but she wants to state herself right.


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