Dipika and Piyush miss each other in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika has left her inlaws. Dipika has supported Meghna and Rahul. Dipika and Sarika shop for sarees in the market. Sarika asks Dipika to buy a saree for herself and shows her fav. color saree. Dipika thinks of Piyush and misses him. Dipika sounds sad. She wishes if she could see Piyush once. She just talks of Piyush. Sarika gets sad for Dipika. She advises Dipika to talk to Piyush.

Dipika says Piyush wanted me to leave from the house, he kept a seven day challenge as well, he would be happy that I m away from him. Piyush is also present there in the market. He hears Dipika and Sarika’s conversation. He goes to the shop and asks the man for Dipika’s choice of saree. He describes Dipika to the vendor as a beautiful and tall lady. The vendor shows him the saree Dipika liked. Piyush buys the saree for Dipika. Dipika and Piyush come face to face. She wants to keep looking at him. Piyush is also getting drawn to Dipika. Piyush will soon get Dipika home.


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