Nisha’s mean drama gets surfaced in Woh Apna Sa


Aditya and Jhanvi get Samar home, after he helps Jhanvi and kids. Kakasa and Kakisa start bonding with Samar. Samar finds their fights cute. Kakisa asks him what’s his thought on marriage. Samar tells them that he is finding a girl and is working on his future. He asks Kakisa to select a girl for him, and he will just go with her choice. Kakisa promises to get a nice girl for him. Samar wants to marry someone and have a romantic life. Samar turns much helpful for Aditya and Jhanvi. Aditya thanks Samar for saving his daughters from the bikers goons. Nisha tells Aditya that they have to think for kids’ safety.

She complains that Jhanvi didn’t reach school on time, which gave kidnappers a chance. Aditya doesn’t feel Jhanvi is irresponsible. Nisha suggests Jhanvi should move to another house, which is close to kids’ school. She makes way for Jhanvi’s exit from the house. Nisha meets the kidnappers and scolds them. Nisha reveals she didn’t lose her memory and knows everything about her relationship. Nisha has sent the kidnappers to scare the kids, so that she can get rid of Jhanvi. Nisha acts of memory loss just to separate Aditya and Jhanvi. Will Aditya know Nisha’s truth? Keep reading.


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