Shagun and Mani hope for a better future in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Everyone assume Mani is alive. They seek police help to find Mani. A surprise is on the way for Bhallas. Parmeet comes home in an injured state. He asks everyone to see whom he got. They all get surprised seeing Mani back. Mani is alive and fine in his senses. He rejoices to be back in between his loved ones. Everyone asks Mani about his disappearance. Mani gets pampered by the family. He eats the home made food after long time. Everyone gets thankful to Parmeet for getting Mani home. Mani tells the family about the incident. He says Raman and I decided to meet in restaurant and sort Adi and Aaliya’s issues. Mani visits Taneja and gets to know Taneja was framing Adi in drugs smuggling. When Mani tried to inform Raman, goons kidnap him and lock him somewhere. Mani then meets his lookalike Prakash, who tried to take his place knowing Mani is a rich businessman.

Prakash wanted to take advantage of Mani and his appearance. Prakash tells Mani that he will live with Shagun now and have a wonderful life. Mani was not allowed to leave. Prakash got killed by Taneja. Mani managed to escape from the goons, and then got caught again. Mani tells everyone how Parmeet has saved him and got him home. Mani and Shagun’s life comes back on track. Mani feels lucky to have a good family. Shagun confesses her love to Mani. She tells him what he means to her. Mani also reciprocates her love.


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