Teni strings the Bhanushali family in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Shorvori keep a puja at home. The family members refuse to become part of the puja. Teni comes with a solution. Teni, Parth and Shorvori decorate the house and prepare for the puja. They want to get blessings for the coming baby and also convince the family. Teni wants to get family together. She wants to end family’s annoyance. The family doesn’t agree to attend puja. Teni asks her mum in law to come for puja, but fails. Shorvori gets upset. Parth and Shorvori do the puja alone. Teni threatens the family and asks them to come for the puja.

She informs them to attend puja, and leave fights for later. She tells them that if Lord gets angry with them and if anything wrong happens with them, they should not blame her for this, she is alerting them in time. Teni’s plan works out. Kaki comes to attend puja first. Dada ji, Dadi ji and Parth’s mum also forget anger. They all come and sit in the puja, as they love Parth a lot. The puja gets completed. Teni happily gives the prasad to everyone. She wants the baby to get blessing of entire family.


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