High Five Spoilers

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Devanshi: Maya is trying to end Kalki’s positive powers. Kusum Sundari and Maya/Kukarmi try to fill in negativity in Kalki. Kalki shouts on Nutan and gets angry out on family. She breaks the things at home and insults Devanshi. Everyone gets confused seeing Kalki’s misbehavior. Devanshi asks Kalki how did she come out of the room. Kalki says you can’t control me and shows her powers by lifting things. Devanshi controls her by pouring Gangajal on her. Kalki goes out of control. Devanshi faints her. Kalki creates a huge scene in temple. Everyone tries to stop Kalki. Devanshi finds a cure for Kalki. She tells everyone that rain has to shower and rainwater can free Kalki from the bad powers.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni, Parth and Shorvori celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with the family. The family gets Bappa home and welcomes in a grand way. Parth and Teni do the aarti with happiness. Teni drops the aarti plate by mistake. Shorvori holds the aarti plate on time. Shorvori doesn’t let any abshagun happen. Pandit ji gives prasad to everyone. Parth’s mum asks Teni to take blessings first, as she is pregnant. She asks Teni to do the puja first and makes her sit for puja. The family knows Teni is getting the heir for Bhanushali family. Everyone pampers love on Teni. Parth’s mum make Teni wear the gifted shagun bangles. Teni feels being on cloud nine and enjoys every bit of special attention by Bhanushali family.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Ved and Vansh are not happy with Uma Shankar. The family wants Kanak to stay back with them. Ved and Vansh think Uma is not a right person for Kanak and doesn’t want her bidaai to happen. Kanak didn’t think Bhabho will shower so much love on her. She has mixed emotions. She is upset to get away from Bhabho. Bhabho and Meenakshi dance and happily go Kanak’s bidaai. Vansh plays dhol and shows his anger to Uma, expressing his feelings in a song. He asks Uma to keep Kanak happy, else Kanak’s brothers will not leave him. Kanak worries anything wrong can happen between Uma and Vansh. She controls Ved and Vansh from hurting Uma.


Pinky eventually shows her true face and tells Shivay that there is nothing he is thinking, he is not an illegitimate child of Oberoi family, like she lied to Anika to take advantage of Anika’s love and make her away from Shivay. Pinky’s lie comes out in front of everyone, with a big shock to their senses. Shivay couldn’t believe Pinky has lied such a thing to make Anika away from him, without caring for his happiness, future and peace. Pinky has put Shivay’s life at stake by raising a false question on his birth and identity. He gets shattered knowing how low can his mum fall down getting blind in her hatred for Anika. Pinky spits poison against Anika which Shivay couldn’t tolerate.

Imli gets hatred for Chakor. She decides to kill Chakor and make her away from Suraj forever. Chakor is not aware of Imli’s suspicion. Chakor and Suraj play a treasure hunting game, where Chakor has to find clues and reach Suraj. Suraj feels restless and concerned for Chakor’s safety. Suraj waits for her at the mentioned place in the clue. Bhaiya ji learns Imli’s revengeful motives against Chakor and uses it as a change to fulfill his revenge. Bhaiya ji’s goons chase Chakor and injure her. Chakor tries to save herself and fights with them. Bhaiya ji pushes her down the cliff, ending all her chances of her return. Suraj tries finding Chakor.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman and Ishita have an argument over Mani and Shagun’s perfect relationship. Ishita turns annoyed with Raman for not noticing her well. She feels Mani loves Shagun much, while Raman doesn’t love her even close to that level. Raman asks her not to judge his love by such silly things. He promises to observe her habits and likes more closely than before. Ishita doesn’t want Raman to do anything unwillingly. She feels Raman’s love for her got less. Raman plans a surprise for Ishita.


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