Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Meri Durga: Sanjay does not realize when Aarti proposes him by talking of friendship. Aarti wants to take their friendship to the next level of love. Sanjay gets reminisces Durga on hearing Aarti’s description of love. Sanjay sounds very positive to Aarti and shouts out his reciprocation, which gives a wrong clue to Aarti. Aarti feels Sanjay has given his nod for marriage. She happily thinks of informing Gayatri Devi about Sanjay’s approval for marriage. On the other hand, Gayatri and Neelkant use all their powers to find Rajveer Rana and kill him, so that Aarti’s unfair win truth doesn’t get known to anyone. Neelkant orders his men to get Rana dead or alive. He wants to confirm that Rajveer is out of Durga’s reach. Gayatri, Neelkant, Aarti and Sanjay are unaware of Rajveer staying at Durga’s house.


Avni helps Juhi after meeting her in a market. She gets friendly after knowing tormenting stories of Juhi’s past. Avni invites Juhi in her home’s Ganesh puja. Juhi shows her interest in attending the puja and gets approval from Raghu Pandit, who is actually Gurumaa. Neil threatens Riya and asks her to stay away from Avni’s life. Riya knows Neil can’t do anything and takes him light. Riya and Shweta meet and make a new plan against Avni. Shweta tells Riya that this time she has found a perfect solution to get rid of Avni. She tells Riya that she will dig up Neil’s past and make him slip back in the memories of Juhi, only to make him away from Avni. She tells her plan of getting Juhi back into Neil’s life. Shweta doesn’t know about Juhi’s return.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak doesn’t feel Uma is at fault completely. She feels guilty for cheating Uma for her selfish motives. She realizes Uma has never taken her advantage during her stay at his home. She starts valuing Uma’s goodness. While Ved and Vansh take Arpita’s help in getting Uma arrested, Kanak opposes them. Arpita asks Kanak to realize she is Sandhya’s daughter, how Sandhya has never tolerated anything wrong. Kanak gets in a dilemma. The family celebrates Kanak’s victory in setting an example for every girl to fight against injustice and wrong customs. They all think of giving Kanak a surprise of her freedom.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami gets adamant to oppose Satrupa in whatever thing comes her way. Daamo gets the food for Anami, which she refuses to have. Satrupa meets Anami and insists her to have food. Anami refuses to Satrupa and tells her that its better she dies than having food from her hands. She doesn’t want to accept water by Satrupa’s hand. She shows her bitterness to Satrupa, who isn’t affected by anything.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Advay marries Chandni by blackmailing her about the baby, who is actually of Meghna. Advay doesn’t know about Meghna’s truth and assumes Chandni is the mother of the baby hidden from all the family members. He gets angered on Chandni for doing a pure woman drama and having a child out of wedlock. He taunts Chandni on her bad character, and believes the people’s stories about Chandni, that she has run away with her lover and came back home after few days. Advay takes Chandni home only to separate her from family. Advay’s Nani heartily welcomes Chandni at home. Chandni’s grah pravesh gets done. Chandni does not know Advay has laid a layer of thorns in the rose petals for her. All that seems to be a good welcome turns into a horrible reality when Advay tells his wicked plans to Chandni.


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