Avni gets keen to know Neil’s past in Naamkarann


Avni asks Neil about his past. Neil doesn’t reveal everything. Avni wants to know what’s bothering Neil. Avni asks him to check their gift. Bebe gifts Avni and Neil and surprises them. Bebe removes all the photos from Avni’s room, which Shweta planted. She burns all the photos and confronts Shweta for her plan. Shweta spits poison against Avni. Bebe asks her not to do such thing again. Shweta gets stubborn to break Neil and Avni. She asks Bebe to do anything to stop her. Bebe slaps Shweta in anger. She asks Shweta to remember the slap and not commit any mistake. Bebe informs Neela about the situation and how she has controlled it. Neela gets thankful to her.

Meanwhile, Aman steals some cash from Neela’s cupboard. Neela tells Nanno about Neil’s past. Nanno asks her not to worry, as Avni is Neil’s present. Avni and Ali try to find Juhi and help her. Neil and DD get on their mission to know the culprits behind the bomb blast. Avni feels Juhi is in some problem. Ali tries protecting Avni. Neil and DD find Aman at the place and doubt him. Aman sees Neil and acts to be a victim. Aman proves he is innocent. He lies to Neil about the culprit. Neil fails to know about the attacker. Neil decides to tell Avni everything about his past and Juhi.


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