Naira’s family to oppose Dadi’s thinking in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi feels Naira is getting all the attention. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to get ready well, or come forward to do any arrangements. Dadi makes Naira dress in a simple dress in Naksh and Kirti’s sangeet and tells Naira that she is very happy seeing her. Dadi limits Naira from doing anything for the family, so that Kirti comes in limelight. Bhabhimaa and Rajshri get to know Dadi’s thinking. They explain Dadi that they have never done biasing between daughter and daughter in law, they equally valued both of them. Dadi tells them that she just wanted Kirti not to feel inferior, because of Naira. Suwarna feels bad for Naira, who is adjusting a lot for Kartik’s sake. Suwarna asks Dadi to let Naira live the way she wants, after all Naira’s family is very understanding. Dadi has fears for Kirti’s future.

Bhabhimaa asks what will happen if Naira gets ready and comes in function, Kirti’s place will be of Kirti always. Naira was obeying Dadi. Bhabhimaa gets upset with Dadi’s step of pressurizing Naira. She tells Dadi that none can take anyone’s place by good looks and responsible nature, everyone is different and have their own place. Naira is ready to do anything for Kirti’s happiness. Bhabhimaa and Rajshri ask Dadi not to ruin Naira’s happiness by such a mentality. Dadi realizes Singhanias are getting offended. She apologizes to them. Naira and Kartik decide Judwaa theme for Naksh and Kirti’s sangeet. Naksh and Kirti get color coordinated. Naira plans a big bundle of joy for the couple getting married.


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