Chandni tries to connect with Indrani in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Advay is unhappy with Chandni. Nani tells him that she doesn’t wish bad for him. She asks him to promise that he won’t make Chandni leave the house. Advay promises Nani. Chandni bonds with Adi and they turn friends. Pooja also likes Chandni and apologizes from Advay’s side. Pooja also has a sorrow by her marriage. She relates to Chandni’s sorrow. She feels bad for Chandni bearing the insult and hatred by Advay. Chandni misses her family. She calls up Indrani to apologize. Indrani gets her house back by Advay’s Nani. She doesn’t forgive Chandni.

Chandni tells Indrani that she will keep the marriage and make everything fine. Advay wants to ruin Chandni’s plan and spoil her image in Chandni’s post marriage rituals. Advay threatens Chandni. Pooja asks Chandni not to lose so soon. She tells Advay is soft hearted. Chandni gets hopeful after talking to Pooja. Advay can’t make her leave the house, but promises to make her stay tougher.

Chandni tells Advay that she will write her name in his fate. She challenges him to stop her. Chandni comes for her Mu Dikhai function, backed up by Nani. Advay gets back seeing Chandni’s confidence. Nani’s presence makes Advay stay calm. Nani tells Chandni that Advay has to accept Chandni as wife in front of all the guests. Advay tries to stop guests from coming home. Advay humiliates Chandni.


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