Naksh and Kirti’s Sangeet to get themed uniquely in Yeh Rishta….


The families decide the theme for sangeet. Naira sees Kirti in tension and decide to take the arrangements duties in her hands. Dadi asks Kirti to go to Singhanias and fulfill the tasks. Kirti asks Naira to help her in deciding things. Naira goes against Dadi’s wish and promises Kirti that she will manage everything. While this relieves everyone, Dadi turns upset with Naira. Kartik gets into a fight with a powerful man’s son. The guy threatens Kartik and gets enmity. He gets to hear about Kirti’s sangeet and thinks to ruin the function. Kartik asks Kirti and Naira not to fear for anything, he knows to handle such people.

Dadi gets angry on Naira. Naira apologizes and refuses to obey her, as her request is hurting Kirti. Naira and Kartik take part in responsibilities. Naira worries that songs and theme are not decided yet. They discuss some things and then decide the Twining theme. They explain about Judwaa theme, which can go well between both the families. Naira misses Akshara. Kartik gives her strength. Naira says we will celebrate all relations tomorrow. Naira perfects all the work and wins praise. Dadi doesn’t like the extra attention. Naira is getting. Naira understands Dadi is reluctant to talk to her. Everyone teases Naksh. Naksh understands the family’s planning to bring Kirti and him together. Kirti also understands the family is spying on her to see her partner’s name in the chit. Manish finds a chance to get Kartik as the partner.


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