Divorce twist to break Naren’s heart in Piyaa Albela


Pooja is helpless by her kundli dosh. She wants to give divorce to Naren. Naren shares his emotions with Pooja. Naren gets romantic. Pooja adds sleeping pills and makes him sleep to keep distance from him. Pooja’s heart breaks to hurt Naren. She is ready to get away from Naren and his life, just to save him. She asks Naren to give her divorce right away, and its not any joke. She tells Naren that she doesn’t love him and wants to end their marriage. She behaves bad and insults him, which shocks Naren. She asks him to take time till evening and sign the papers. She gets too sad and finds it tough to ask for divorce. She breaks Naren’s heart.

Pooja was doing Tapasya to take Naren’s problems on her head, but Supriya stopped her from doing that puja. She asks Pooja to give divorce to Naren. She doesn’t want Pooja’s kundli dosh to hurt Naren. Naren talks to Supriya about Pooja’s wish for divorce. Supriya asks him to agree to Pooja and free her from the unwanted relation. She doesn’t tell Naren about reason behind Pooja’s decision. Naren didn’t know Pooja will take any such step. He tries to know why is Pooja getting away from him. Will Naren know the truth? Keep reading.


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