Imli plans another shock for Suraj in Udaan


Chakor is already missing. Suraj gets a huge shock when he finds Imli and Vivaan post their accident. He doesn’t know Imli has planned everything. Suraj rushes them to the hospital. The family gets a shocking news about Imli and Vivaan’s accident. They all reach the hospital to know about their state. Suraj tells Tejaswini, Ranjana and Kasturi about Imli and Vivaan’s critical state. The doctor breaks the news about Imli’s miscarriage. They all shatter by this unfortunate news. Kasturi feels some bad sight caught her family. Imli and Vivaan are unconscious. Everyone gets worried for them.

Imli planned the accident along with Vivaan so that she can reveal about her miscarriage to everyone. Suraj feels much bad as Vivaan is also much close to him now. He is already living in sorrow because of Chakor’s leaving. He thinks why is so much wrong happening with them. Some people spot Chakor and take her to the hospital. Chakor calls Suraj. Suraj senses Chakor is in problem. He tells Tejaswini that he heard Chakor calling him for help. Tejaswini understands his mental state and consoles him.


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