Shivika win the first challenge in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Rudra and Anika don’t know preparing the dish Shivay told them to. Rudra checks for online recipes. He tells her that the recipe is in French and he knows little bit of it. He makes an error while guiding her the steps. Bhavya and Shivay make Anika’s favorite dish. She finds the dish tough. Shivay feels nothing is impossible for him, but is sure he will make it well. Bhavya and Rudra try hard to help Shivika. Anika asks Rudra to taste the dish and tell her. Rudra doesn’t want to try the dish. Bhavya is worried when Shivay fails to make the dish. Khanna informs Anika that Shivay made the dish perfectly. Khanna finds Anika’s dish ready and spies on them to inform Shivay.

Khanna tells Shivay that Anika’s dish was looking good. Shivay’s dish upsets Khanna and Bhavya. Bhavya asks Shivay to cook over again. Rudra comes up with an idea to make Anika win the task. Rudra and Bhavya represent both the teams and get into an argument.

Shivay and Anika present their dishes to know who has won in the challenge. Dadi asks them to come forward and qualify. Shivay and Anika present the dishes. Shivay tastes the dish and finds it a big blunder. Even Anika feel sick after having Shivay’s preparation. Both of them praise each other’s dishes. They win the challenge as their love for each other gets evident.

Gauri and Omkara get troubled by the goons who scared them as ghosts. Gauri tells Omkara about the thieves. Omkara asks Gauri to give them everything and send them off. Gauri refuses and asks Omkara to fight. Omkara fights with the goons and saves Gauri. Omkara asks Gauri not to thank him, as it was his duty to save her.

Tej tries to inform Jhanvi about Shwetlana’s plans. He doesn’t want to take Shwetlana home. Shwetlana senses Tej is upto something and blocks his way from reaching Jhanvi. Tej keeps a note in the dosa for Jhanvi. He asks her to read the note. Jhanvi tries to read the note, but Shwetlana stops her.

Rudra and Bhavya realize both Shivay and Anika made bad dishes and lied to save each other, as they have much love between them. Dadi is happy seeing Shivika’s love. She gives a new challenge to Shivay and Anika.


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