Omkara incurs a Dangal twist in Ishqbaaz

Omkara tells Anika that she shouldn’t worry about Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Gauri is worried and passes her tension to Omkara. Gauri tells him that he is a big fool to accept the challenge, he doesn’t know Dangal rules, the wrestler will not even let him rest his foot on the ground, there is no hospital nearby to admit him when he loses. Omkara says nothing will happen, I will manage. She tells him that overconfidence is not good. Omkara says anyone can fight and win by mind, not power. Gauri tells him that he doesn’t have to make any painting using his mind, he has to fight by power. Omkara tells her that he knows what’s Dangal and he is not afraid of any challenge. Gauri tries explaining him to get back, Dangal is very tough. She is afraid that Omkara will get his bones broken up. Omkara says I just have 24 hours and have to start preparations soon. She asks him to go and refuse to the wrestler. Omkara practices to get the knack of the Dangal game.

Omkara will be seen fighting in a Dangal. Omkara accepts the Dangal challenge. He falls in big trouble. Rudra also accepts Bhavya’s challenge. Bhavya asks him to repair a water tap and puts him in a fix. Both the brothers have a tough time. Gauri is sure of Omkara’s power, as he can single handedly manage many goons at once. Omkara beats the wrestler in the Dangal fight. Gauri cheers for Omkara. Omkara will be seen in a different light.

Rudra tries hard to stop the water flow and gets all the tools to fix the tap. Rudra turns into a plumber to show Bhavya that he can do any work. Bhavya knows Rudra can never do this task. She asks Rudra to stop his kiddish things and grow up. She wants him to know how people work hard and earn a living. Rudra worries when none of his actions help him. Finally, he fixes the tap and calls Bhavya to check how he passed in her challenge.


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