Piyaa Albela to take one-year leap


Naren thinks Pooja is joking about their relation. Pooja makes it clear that she wants divorce. She humiliates him. She tells Naren that he is not related to her, she was just his employee, she was brought in this house to make him connect with the world. She reveals to him that she has made him live a life, which was a cheat, she didn’t plan to spend her life with him. She clears out that they don’t have a future together. She asks Naren to sign on the papers. Supriya gets sorrowful for Naren. Supriya deals with Pooja rudely in front of Naren.

Pooja has succeeded to secure Naren and his family, after all the odd enemies. She now has a big task to secure Naren’s life from her bad luck. Naren tells Pooja to give him one chance and tell him his mistake, he will change completely for her. He promises to keep her very happy. He asks her to just say once, what makes her happy. He wants to hear that Pooja is lying. Pooja unwillingly hurts Naren’s heart to make him away from her forever. Pooja and Naren will be getting separated. Naren will start hating Pooja. He will start taking care of his family business. There will be a leap of one year. Will Naren leave Pooja’s sacrifice? Keep reading.


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