Ruhi reveals Nikhil’s past to Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Bhallas meet Riya’s mum Pooja and learn about her past. Aaliya tells Ishita about her friend Nikhil. Ishita tries to know more about Nikhil. Aaliya tells her about Nikhil having many girlfriends and then he disappeared from the college. Adi and Ishita find Nikhil a good person, after he saved the kids’ lives in the lift incident.

Nikhil reveals to Ruhi that he is already married, will Bhallas accept him, its not easy for them. Ruhi learns Pooja and Nikhil’s past. Raman feels proud of Pooja for raising Riya alone. Nikhil tells Ruhi about meeting Pooja and falling in love. He says I was not ready for marriage and wanted to settle down, but Pooja insisted. He failed to fulfill Pooja’s expectations. He tells Ruhi that he thought to work hard and give everything to Pooja and his would be child, but Pooja refused to have a child. Pooja decided to abort the baby. Nikhil and Pooja got separated after her decision. Pooja tells another version to Bhallas. Nikhil tells Ruhi that Pooja has left him as he didn’t earn well. Ruhi pacifies him.

Nikhil has no idea that Riya is his daughter. Ruhi promises to always support him. Riya’s Nanu plans to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with Bhallas. Raman plans a trip to Mumbai to visit Riya. Ishita asks Pooja to connect with Riya, who needs her love. Pooja doesn’t like to take tips from Ishita. Ishita feels Pooja doesn’t care for Riya at all. She shares her concern with Raman, that Pooja treats Riya bad. Ishita doubts that Pooja maybe at fault in her marriage. Raman doesn’t think Pooja can be wrong. Ishita tells Raman that she can’t believe Pooja, who can cook up any story in front of them. Ruhi tells Ishita about Nikhil’s past, that he is a married man. Ishita asks Ruhi to prepare herself for the relation as she will have to deal with Nikhil’s child in future.


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