Special guests in Chandni’s Mu Dikhai surprise Advay in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Nani planned Chandni’s Mu dikhai to tell everyone about Advay and Chandni’s marriage. Advay limits all the guests from coming. Advay promises Chandni that he will stop her Mu dikhai. Nani asks the family members to come for function. Maasi stops everyone from going in the function. Chandni lies to Indrani about her happiness and grand Mu Dikhai. Advay asks Indrani to get facts right, there is no guests in Mu Dikhai. Chandni then cries out her pain. She misses her family. Nani apologizes to Chandni for not keeping her words. Adi calls his friends home for Mu Dikhai. Nani tells Adi that Advay doesn’t want to do Chandni’s Mu Dikhai. Adi insists Advay to lift Chandni’s ghunghat and do her Mu Dikhai. Nani makes Advay do the rituals.

Chandni wins the bet and tells Advay that its her moment. Chandni’s Mu Dikhai happens by the special little kids. Chandni gets glad when the kids gift her chocolates. Adi does a drama to convince Advay for singing. Advay understands Adi’s drama and sings for him. Advay and Chandni come closer by the kids’ efforts. Chandni faints. Advay cares for her. Indrani tries keeping Chandni away from their lives. Mama asks Chandni not to have any expectations from Indrani, who can never give her motherly love.


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