Happy time back for Bharadwajs in Sasural Simar Ka


Good days are back in Simar’s house. Simar is entering Bharadwaj house again. Simar has failed Bhairavi’s planning. Simar and entire family come back home. Bhairavi can’t bear her failure. She asks Simar to leave from her house. She tries to throw the bags out. Sameer defends Bhairavi. Simar tells everyone that Prem is alive and he has power of attorney on his name. Sameer tells them that Mata ji has signed all papers. They correct Sameer to tell about the clause. Simar shows the legal papers to Bhairavi.

Bhairavi doesn’t agree to them. Bhairavi was thinking that Bharadwajs are roaming on road. She gets a shock seeing them in the house. Simar removes Bhairavi’s name plate and place Bharadwaj family name plate. Mata ji makes Prem fill Simar’s maang with sindoor. Prem does so and promises to be with Simar. Prem has saved the family from Bhairavi’s tortures. Everyone is happy with Prem’s return. Piyush and Samer get into a fight. Prem and Aarav stop them.

Sanjana takes a stand for Sameer. She stops Piyush. She tells Piyush that Sameer never took advantage of her, even when he is their enemy. Sameer wanted to talk to Sanjana. Piyush felt Sameer is misbehaving with her. Sanjana tells Piyush that Sameer is not wrong this time, its not true what he is thinking, Sameer has always troubled her on Bhairavi’s saying, but she trusts Sameer. She ends their fight. Simar tells Piyush that she has some work and she will come back soon. Piyush offers to drop her. Simar does not want to trouble him. Simar leaves to meet someone.


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