Naksh and Kirti’s Sangeet turns rocking in Yeh Rishta….


Kartik gets surprised on seeing Naira getting dressed well with his gifted jewelry. Everyone praises Naira. Naksh asks Naira the reason for changing her dress. Kartik covers up the matter and tells them that he insisted Naira to change. Kartik and Naira want the surprise to reach on time. Naira tells Naitik that she planned all this for Naksh. They start the function. Naksh gets his surprise, Baisa. Naksh forgets Baisa’s mistakes. He tells everyone that Baisa has forgiven him for all his mistakes till now, so he has forgotten Baisa’s one mistake, knowing his happiness means a lot to her.

He doesn’t want to snatch Baisa’s happiness. He apologizes to Kirti. Kirti asks Baisa not to apologize to her. As per Akshara’s wish, everyone get together in the Sangeet. Kartik tells them that he planned a surprise for Naksh from Akshara’s side. Naira tells them about the special guest. They all get glad when singer Alka Yagnik performs in the Sangeet. Everyone likes Naira and Kartik’s surprise. Naksh, Kirti, Naira and Kartik perform on their songs. Alka wishes both the jodis a wonderful future.

Alka Yagnik graces Naksh and Kirti’s sangeet with her special performance. She sings melodious songs and raises the celebrations. The occasion becomes more special by her. Everyone dances on Alka’s songs. Naksh and Kirti’s sangeet becomes memorable.


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