Nikhil to confront Pooja in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Pihu adds Pooja’s pictures in the group. Riya tells Mihika about Nikhil and his wife. Mihika shares about Pooja and her husband. Ruhi gets to know Pooja is very busy in business and is avoiding Riya. She tells what happened in her absence. Pooja’s dad decides to buy the Ganpati idol along with Raman. Raman sympathizes with Pooja and Riya. He doesn’t want to forget what Pooja’s husband did. Pihu tells Riya that very soon she will be meeting her dad. Ruhi gets a huge shock seeing the pictures, and realizes Riya is Nikhil’s daughter. She meets Nikhil and informs him about Pooja and Riya. She shows the pictures to him.

Nikhil gets restless to meet Riya. Ruhi asks him not to go there as Pooja has lied to everyone about him and the reason of their divorce. Nikhil can’t bear any distance from his child. Ruhi consoles him and asks him to understand he won’t be allowed to meet Riya. She understands Nikhil’s emotions. She asks Nikhil to give her some time to think. Ishita gets to see Pooja’s behavior. Raman and Pooja’s dad go to buy the idol together. The kids get happy to decorate the idol. A thief hides diamonds in the modak. Nikhil tries to meet Riya. He confronts Pooja for lying about Riya. Pooja accepts her mistakes. She tells Nikhil how she lied to everyone. Nikhil wants to tell Pooja’s dad her truth. They all fall in problem when the goons come back to get the diamonds from the idol.


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