Shorvori’s insecurities grow up in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Shorvori have an argument. Shorvori feels jealous because of Teni. Parth and Shorvori shed tears. Parth swears to Shorvori that she is thinking wrong, he just loves her, she has a misunderstanding in mind. He doesn’t like to explain much to her. Parth tells her that he was just helping Teni. Shorvori questions Parth. She tells him that Teni is spoiling things in their lives, why does he always care for Teni. She gets angry on him for not caring for her any more. She asks Parth is it normal when Teni gets close to him. She asks is she mad to not react on so many things she is observing between Parth and Teni.

Parth is shocked to know what Shorvori has in mind, he feels bad that he is the reason for her insecurities. Parth doesn’t want any complications to get high. Their relation falls in trouble. Shorvori has problem with Parth and Teni’s strong friendship. She doubts Parth likes Teni. Parth tells her that there is nothing like that. He is not able to understand her insecurities, what did he do what she is doubting on him. Parth cries hearing Shorvori’s blames. He never imagined Shorvori will doubt on his love. Shorvori asks him to promise he will not talk to Teni. Parth doesn’t promise her. Shorvori gets upset.


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