Raman refuses to accept Nikhil in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge twists with a new Raman

The goons enter Pooja’s house to steal the diamonds. They get the diamonds and plan to leave. The police reaches there. Ishita reprimands the goons for using the Lord idol for this cheap crime. She asks the goon to be scared of Lord. The goon uses the kids as shield and asks Raman to send away the police, else he will kill the kids. Nikhil and Raman worry for their daughters. Raman makes a plan to act normal and send the police. Raman lies to the police and sends them. Raman tries to deal with the goon. Raman feels goons will not agree the right way, he has to take police help secretly. Nikhil worries for Riya. Ishita talks to the kids and asks them to cooperate. She asks them to stay calm and not anger the goon.

Ruhi reaches Pooja’s house and hears about the incident. She worries for Nikhil. Police intervenes to catch the goon. Police arrests the goon and saves the kids. Nikhil speaks all his emotions on seeing Riya fine. He tells Riya that he is her dad and he loves her a lot. Raman and Ishita get a huge shock knowing this. They get another shock on seeing Ruhi’s love for Nikhil. Raman didn’t expect this to happen. Pooja and her dad come home and learn that Ruhi and Nikhil are in love. Ruhi owes an explanation to Raman.

Raman refuses to accept Nikhil as his son in law. Nikhil tells Raman that he really loves Ruhi. Raman tells Ruhi what Nikhil did, he has refused to accept a girl child. Nikhil tells Raman that Pooja is lying. Raman doesn’t believe Nikhil. Ishita asks Raman not to create an issue in Pooja’s house. She asks him to finish the Ganesh visarjan and leave from here. Ruhi prays that she gets her love. Raman wants to find some way to stop Ruhi from accepting Nikhil in her life. Nikhil wants the world to know that Riya is his daughter. Ruhi defends Nikhil. Nikhil tells everyone that he always wanted his child, while Pooja wanted to abort the child. He tells them the entire truth. Pooja accuses Nikhil and acts innocent.


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