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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika celebrate the family with family. They have a sweet moment. Everyone gets happy for Anika, except Pinky. Shivay makes sure that Pinky stays much distant from Anika. Bhavya gets emotional seeing the perfect Oberois. The wrestler aims revenge and tries to burn Omkara and Gauri alive in the hospital. Rudra senses Bhavya is depressed and surprises her by showering flowers on her. He makes Bhavya happy. Rudra can’t see her upset.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naira gets bitten by the snake and breaks her Maun vrath to get help. She faints in Kartik’s lap. Everyone breaks their silence because of the snake. Kartik doesn’t see any bite mark. Dadi gets remedy for Naira. Kartik senses Naira is doing drama to make things better. He asks her why is she falling so low to prove herself right. They couple end up arguing in front of everyone. Kartik doesn’t believe Naira. Everyone learns that Kartik heard about Soumya. Singhanias spend time deciding things for Naira’s Teej. They are very sure that Naira and Kartik’s love is strong.


    Avni gets disheartened when Neil doesn’t believe her. She tells him that he is just pitying her. They have an argument. Neil gets hurt when she doesn’t understand him. Avni tells him that she also gets hurt. Neil asks her not to get involved in Ali’s case. Shweta blames Ali is after Neil’s life. Avni keeps on defending Ali, till a shocking video from Ali comes. Avni sees the video, along with family. Ali confesses that he has attempted to kill Neil and kidnap Avni, as he is mad about Avni, he wants Avni at any cost. The family believes the video. Avni tells Neil that Ali can’t do this. She still believes Ali. Ali tries to make a call to Avni. Shweta asks everyone to see Ali’s true face.

    IPKKND 3:

    Advay thinks he has won and got rid of Chandni. Chandni makes a way home and asks him why did he not say anything, they could have sort the problems. She gets happy on getting her Dev back. Advay pushes her away from him. She tells him that she was just waiting for him. Advay tells her that she has ruined his life, she got his parents killed by her wrong testimony. He blames her for separating his brother from him. Chandni tells him that she was not known to this matter before. She defends herself.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami has the same allergies like Vatsalya. Dadi checks Anami’s similarity with Vatsalya, believing Satrupa is saying true about Anami. Dadi wants to make sure by following her heart, than any DNA report, which can be easily manipulated. Satrupa and Dadi run to care for Anami, and observe her behavior in that sick state. Anami imagines her foster mother and talks, while Satrupa assumes Anami to bond with her.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman worries for Ruhi. He asks her how did she allow Ruhi to have a relation with Nikhil, without knowing anything. Ishita tells him that she didn’t know Nikhil’s truth. He apologizes for blaming her. He feels helpless on seeing Ruhi’s heart break. Ishita consoles her. She tells him that Ruhi will take time to forget Nikhil. She finds ways to make Ruhi busy. Ruhi gets depressed on getting cheated twice in love. Nikhil hides the truth from Ruhi, in order to save someone’s respect. He feels he has hurt Ruhi a lot. He feels like a failure in life.


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