Parth makes a promise to Shorvori in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori keeps an eye on Parth and Teni. Parth makes a promise to her that he will not go against her to meet Teni. Teni sees Parth coming and thinks he will talk to her. Parth acts busy and passes by her. Teni gets upset. She was happily getting ready to go for puja. Her happiness goes when she finds the door locked. She calls everyone for help. Teni thinks what happened, how did I get locked. Teni worries as she can’t sit in puja now. She thinks what will she do now.

Teni talks to Parth’s photo and says its because of you, you are not talking to me, why, you would have come and seen me if I m here, when you come now, I will not talk to you. The puja was for Teni. Teni failed to reach in puja. Teni falls asleep. The curtains catch fire. Teni gets worried. Shorvori is happy that Parth is staying away from Teni. She hugs him and thanks. Will Parth break promise to Shorvori and save Teni? Keep reading.


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