Sameer and Sanjana to unite in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer’s heart is broken. He learnt that Prem didn’t kill his dad, Bhairavi has done the crime. Sameer is shattered by the truth. He feels guilty to do bad with Bharadwaj family. He is very angry on Bhairavi for breaking his trust. He angrily burns Bhairavi’s clothes and gifts, which he gifted her assuming she is a Devi. Sameer has worshipped Bhairavi always. He repents a lot and hits his head on the wall.

Simar stops Sameer from burning everything. She tells Sameer that they all are with him, he is not alone, even Sanjana is with him. Sameer says I can’t even apologize to you. Simar calls Sanjana there. She asks Sanjana to do aid to Sameer. Sanjana does the aid to his wound. Sameer promises Sanjana that he will never make her cry. He will never trouble her. He hugs her and requests her never to leave her. Sameer repeats all his marriage vows to Sanjana. Simar unites and blesses Sameer and Sanjana.


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