Avni’s search for Ali ends with a shock in Naamkarann


Dayavanti traps Juhi, and asks her to get Avni to Rang mahal if she wants her freedom. She promises to get her freed from Gurumaa if she does as she says. She asks Juhi to support her if she wants her freedom. Juhi gets in dilemma. Ali tries to get free of Dayavanti’s clutches. DD reaches Avni to keep a watch on her. Avni asks DD to free her. DD doesn’t go against Neil. Avni messages her friends to come and free her. DD cooks food for Avni. Avni tries to fool him. Avni sends DD to get Ali’s diary. DD informs Neil that Avni is fine. Juhi has memories of Neil fresh in her mind and thinks of getting back into her old life. She knows her dreams can never be fulfilled now. She takes food for Ali.

Avni gets rescued by her friends. DD informs Neil that Avni is missing. Neil fears Avni may have got kidnapped. Ali confronts Juhi for cheating him and getting him caught. Juhi sounds helpless. Ali asks him to help him in saving someone’s life. He tells Juhi to reach Avni and her husband, who is an ACP. Juhi agrees to help him. Riya and Aman plot to create new misunderstandings. Shweta shows the divorce papers and tells Neil that maybe Avni has left him. Neela tells Shweta that the papers are much old. She asks Shweta not to give wrong direction to the matter. Avni tries finding Ali. Neil worries for Avni. He threatens DD angrily. Everyone wishes Neil finds Avni. Neil tries to track Avni. Dayavanti meets Ali and makes a plan. Avni accidentally hits a man by her car. Neil and Avni get a huge shock on identifying him as Ali.



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