Shorvori to leave Bhanushali house in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori is annoyed with Parth. She packs her bags and is leaving the house. Parth and Teni try to stop her and clear her misunderstanding. Parth says you are thinking wrong, there is nothing such. Shorvori asks Teni not to talk to her. Teni says the family has come back from puja, don’t create a scene in front of them. Shorvori meets the family members, and tells them that she is leaving. Dada ji asks Shorvori why is she leaving. Shorvori tells everyone that Parth and Teni have an illegitimate relation. Teni sheds tears. Dada ji stops Shorvori from leaving the house. Shorvori asks Teni to prove that she has no relation with Parth.

Parth tries to convince Shorvori by love. He wants Shorvori to leave all her anger. He tells Shorvori that he just loves her. He asks her to say how can he prove his love. She tells him that she has seen him changing, his behavior and attention, everything has changed, he has made her doubt him by his own deeds. Parth asks her not to get away. Shorvori asks Parth to leave from her room. Parth gets sad. He sleeps in the living room. Teni sees Parth and cares for him. His pillow was about to fall, when Teni holds him. Parth wakes up. Teni tells him that she got to know he was ignoring her as Shorvori was doubting on her. Teni tells Parth that Shorvori will leave Parth some day and then she can get him easily. Parth gets angry on her jokes. Teni says I m trying to lessen your tension, think of something to convince Shorvori. Teni fears Shorvori’s doubt will ruin everything.


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