Chandni puts herself in danger in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni tries to remind Advay their childhood moments. Advay gets fed up of her drama. He shows he is not affected by anything. Nani is happy that Chandni is winning Advay’s heart. Adi learns Chandni and Advay are childhood friends. Chandni flirts with Advay. She plays a game with Advay to remind him their past. Chandni and Advay get closer. Chandni falls down, and gets saved by Advay. Chandni asks Advay to accept that he cares for her. Advay drops her down and goes.

Chandni has another plan to get his attention. She risks her life to make him accept that he cares for her. She drops the chandelier over her to see Advay’s care. Advay saves her again, but doesn’t say that he cares for his childhood friend. Chandni asks him to accept it now. Advay angrily pushes her under the chandelier and drops it down to show he cares a damn. Advay doesn’t let her get hurt. Chandni sees his anger. He asks everyone to stop supporting Chandni in her mad attempts. Chandni asks Advay to have food. She behaves like an ideal loving wife. Advay asks her to stop her drama. She tells Advay that she knows he cares for her and will always save her. Chandni stands out in the rain and wants Advay to speak out his concern. She falls in danger yet again.


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