Ishqbaaz to have a new mystery around Shivay

Daksh faints in the mandap knowing Anika is close to expose him in Ishqbaaz

Bhavya tries to know about the custom made keys. Anika identifies the keys and thinks she could help Bhavya. Shivay acts weird on seeing Anika. He avoids to reciprocate love. Anika takes the keys and goes to storeroom to find where it fits. Tej wants Bhavya to help him. He tries to make her busy, but she goes back to her room. Rudra hides from her. Bhavya guards the room. She fails to stop Shwetlana. Shwetlana looks for the keys. Bhavya and Rudra help out each other. They fool Shwetlana. Shivay learns Anika has gone to the dark storeroom, and reaches her knowing she will be scared. Shivay helps her out. Anika catches him to make him confess love. She asks him to take back his thanks, and reply to her love. Shivay expresses love other ways. Anika checks the old furniture.

Omkara and Gauri stop at a dhaba to have food. Omkara forgets they are married, and this hurts Gauri. Anika gets an envelop in Shivay’s file. Dadi takes the papers from her and doesn’t let Anika know anything. Dadi asks Shakti to burn the papers. Shakti is sure that the bitter truth will come out some day. The family celebrates Shivay and Anika’s function. Omkara and Gauri get the ancestral idol back home and place it for the puja. Dadi blesses them. Omkara and Gauri have a moment. Dadi is happy that the entire family is together. Omkara turns upset on seeing Shwetlana at home. Shwetlana acts and annoys him. Omkara asks Shivay to kick out Shwetlana, else he will do it. He hates Shwetlana.

Rudra asks Omkara to tolerate Shwetlana for Jhanvi’s sake, as the former is blackmailing Tej. Omkara doesn’t believe Tej and doubts Tej has planned all this to get Shwetlana home. Omkara’s wounds get fresh because of Shwetlana. Jhanvi controls Omkara and slaps him. Omkara gets disheartened. He decides to leave the house. Shivay and Omkara convince Shwetlana by the drama. They plan to catch Shwetlana red handed.

Shivay asks Pinky not to speak anything against Anika. Pinky’s hatred doesn’t get less. Pinky asks Shivay why did he keep her away. Shivay asks him to realize her own mistake than blaming others. Shivay sees Pinky’s craze intact. He asks her to better change herself, or stay away from him and Anika.


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